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Welcome to Khatra Sub-Division

Raju Mishra, IAS

    Raju Mishra, IAS

‘Khatra’, sensu stricto, not to go by the meaning in Devnagari script Is a picturesque locale flanked by Hirbandh and Inpur Blocks at north, Taldangra and Simplapal Block at east,Ranibandh at southeast.

Plan your holiday destination to Mukutmanipur under this serene place that is famous for being the second largest earthen dam of India.

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Khatra sub-division is a subdivision of the Bankura district. It consists of eight community development blocks: Indpur, Khatra, Hirbandh, Raipur, Sarenga, Ranibandh, Simlapal and Taldangra. The eight blocks contain 59 gram panchayats. The sub-division has its headquarters at Khatra. Khatra is in the south-west of Bankura District, which is itself to the west of the southern part of West Bengal. Khatra is located at 22°59′N 86°51′E 22.98°N 86.85°E, and has an average elevation of 154 m (505 ft).